Thursday, July 7, 2011

Create a Room - Regency era image - Ackermann's Repository

I've found and fell in love with images from the Regency Era publication 
Ackermann's Repository.

My fanciful muse has been stirred into motion to save images from it's pages
and then create digital art with them.
I love the idea of giving new creative life to these 200 year old images.

I've previously posted about my love of "Toy Theaters" and 
creating digital artwork that has a similar look.

I have been hunting for antique curtain designs for a long time and in the process
of my search I was fortunate enough to discover Ackermann's Repository and their
huge quantity of images including rooms, furniture and yes... curtains.

A room I created digitally using a partial Ackermann's image - "New Room"
 Here is an example of a room I created digitally using a partial image 
I found in Ackermann's Repository. 

I duplicated the original image, flipped it to create a mirror image, merged the two 
and did some clean up to blend them together.

Now I have a simple room that I can use as a base and add other elements to 
and create a fun Regency style scene.

This is the original Ackermann's image - partial room

By taking the above "new room" and continuing the digital mirroring process 
I have another expanded look for my room.
I expanded the new room by continuing the mirroring process in Photoshop
I enjoy manipulating images in Photoshop to see what new combinations I can achieve.
Here is what my new room expansion looks like after I continued the mirroring process
using the original curtain portion of the room.

And if I don't like the original color of the room...
I can change that too!

Peach and Coral version

Pink Version

Brown and Gold Version

Black and Gold Version

Blue and Gray Version

My Muse likes to play with color changes, so I could keep doing this for days 
but I'll stop here since I know you get the point.

So, this is just a bit of fun I'm having with my newly discovered 
Regency images from Ackermann's Repository.

If you are like me and can't get enough of them...

I'll be posting and blogging about these finds for the whole summer, 
and maybe longer since there is so many wonderful images to share.
So visit my main blog over at
to see all the great images from the pages of Ackermann's Repository.

Thanks for dropping in and seeing what my Muse has taken a fancy to this time.
- Evelyn

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