Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Created a New Background for my EKDuncan.blogspot Account

I bought a mini laptop so I could create when I'm away from home and decided it was time to change the look of my main blog account  So, I choose to create a less busy background that could easily be seen on a variety of screen sizes without looking chopped off.

Since I made a simple background I thought I needed a dressier Title
and created this to go with it.
A few fun fonts, A lovely lady and a great frame to finish it off.

I created this as my latest background

I liked the way all the elements worked together and think it has a bit of a Western Victorian look to it when it's all pulled together on the same page.

I used this lovely Victorian paper scrap image as the lady in my title.  
She was originally Pink but I changed her color
to better match my new background design.

This is what the image originally looked like before I changed her
gowns color and flipped her in the other direction.


Prior to this change my account had a
background similar to the one here at
"My Fanciful Muse" blog account but in a periwinkle. 
This is what my old background looked like.
I liked the colors and the central portion of the background so I started
with those as a foundation to build my new background from.

I'm sure as my Photoshop skills advance I'll keep creating and changing the background here and on my main blog account, so I'll keep posting the changes here as a journal for that creative  journey.

Ta Ta Till Next Time