Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Look for My Blogs using Regency Beauties from Ackermann's Repository

I updated the look of my blog page to celebrate my finding an amazing assortment of 
Regency Era images in the pages of Ackermann's Repository.  

I will blog a bit about it here on this my "Muse" blog and also there will be lots 
of images posted on my main blog

This is my favorite image out of all the Ackermann's Repository fashion plates.

And this was another favorite in a similar colored gown.
I used her on my "Muse" blog with the first lady.

I used this Gentleman (flipped) on my main EKDuncan blog along with 
the Lady looking in the Mirror.  I wanted both blogs to look similar but not 
exactly alike, so there are slight differences.
Click HERE to see what his original image looked like before I removed his background.

The Original Ackermann's Repository fashion plates had to have their backgrounds
removed so that the ladies and gent, stood out on their own.  
Now I have several great png images that can be used in a variety of way.

I created the background pattern in Photoshop. 
I love multi-colored patterns and this marbling effect reminded me of the inside
covers you find in antique books, so for me it tied in that Regency feel.

Put them all together...
 This is the new look for my "Muse" blog
It has a greenish blue tone with two Regency Ladies.
(update - several months later I removed the two ladies and just used the marbled background)

This is what My Fanciful Muse blog background looked like  after I removed the ladies
 I just thought the simpler cleaner look worked better for this lower-key blog

 and this is the new look for my main "EKDuncan" blog
It has a more Blue Gray look with a Regency gent looking at his lady.

 I even created a new "Title Topper" for my EKDuncan blog
using an Ackermann's Repository Curtain
(I changed the color of the original to make it work for my application)

I'm currently in the process of posting more of these amazing 
vintage images from Ackermann's Repository over on my main blog page 
so pop on over and check them out.

Have a Creative Day - Evelyn


  1. I do like that marbling! And the colors work well with the era, while still hearkening to your "book" theme.

  2. Thanks so much, Alicia!

    I was please with the way this came out, so I'm sure it will stay this way quite a while before I change it out again.