Monday, May 28, 2012

Steampunk Beauties - A. Mucha Precious Stones & Flowers Series

I love the Art Nouveau Ladies painted by Alphonse Mucha
and decided to have a bit of fun with a few of my favorites.

I took three ladies from the "Precious Stone and Flowers" series and give them a
Steampunk look using digital scrapbooking elements.

Here is my finished Scrapbook/Digital Art Layout

Three of Alphonse Mucha's "Precious Stones" in an EKDuncan Steampunk setting.


This is the full set of 4 "Precious Stone" Ladies I had in my collection.
I thought Emerald, Amethyst and Topaz would work the best 
together for my project so I only used those three.

Here they are individually




Here is another look at the finished piece.

All the digital scrapbooking items used to create this project came from ScrapGirls
when originally purchased. They retire and discontinue items from time to 
time and some of the elements are no longer available from them. 

Thanks for dropping by to see my latest creation.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Assortment of Glitter Bokeh Texture Backgrounds

I'm constantly taking photos of items that I can use at textures in my digital art.
I recently posted a fun assortment of Glitter Backgrounds on my deviantART account
and thought I'd share them here as well.

A Sample of my available Glitter Backgrounds

Glitter and Bokeh images can add an interesting quality to digital scenes.
(Bokeh -  an aesthetic blur or out of focus area in a photograph.
They are usually more noticeable in highlights and background reflections)

I used one of my glitter photos when I changed this blogs banner early in 2012.
It's the banner currently at the top of this blog or you can re-visited that post HERE 
I also used a glitter background in my digital artpiece 
"Queen of the Spring Fairies" which can be seen HERE

 I had a bit of fun taking photos of glitter to use as textural backgrounds in Photoshop
and thought I'd share them here as well as on my deviantART account.

These and other high resolution images can also be downloaded directly 
from my deviantART gallery by clicking HERE

As with all my EKDuncan images
 You may re-post the image elsewhere but please leave the artist identification tag on it if you do. Document artist credit as either EKDuncan or and 
leave a link back to this image where possible.

If you use one of my images in your artwork and post it on the web; I would appreciate 
artist credit for the element used and a link back so others can access it too.  
Again please list artist credit as EKDuncan or whenever possible.

Do NOT repackage, sell it or take credit for this image as your own. 
From one artist to another - This is greatly appreciated!

Enjoy and create fun art!

Here are a few of the Glitter Backgrounds I created.
To see them all visit my Texture Gallery - HERE

I had a lot of fun photographing these glitter backgrounds.
There were so many diffident looks I could get depending on the type of glitter,
the light source I used and depending on the angle I took the shot.

Now I have a nice set of glitter shots to use as texture layers when I'm working in Photoshop.

I hope you are able to use some of them in your digital art too.

From my muse to yours...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Digital Cards using 18th Century Fashion Plates

Happy Mother's Day!

In celebration of Mother's Day have created 2 digital cards using 
vintage fashion plates from the late 18th century.

EKDuncan altered 1784 Fashion Plate was used for this digital artpiece
This vintage French fashion plate and others can be seen HERE

EKDuncan altered 1780 French Fashion Plate was used for this digital artpiece
This vintage fashion plate and others can be seen - HERE

I've spent the past several months posting vintage French fashion plates from the the time
 of Marie Antoinette on my regular blog

There is a large selection of fashion images including png's in a rainbow of colors 
I've created as well as some fun digital art using some of those figures.

Click HERE to see the Late 18th century French Fashion plate series over on my main blog.

Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day to you all!