Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Regency look using Ackermann Repository images for my Main Blog - EKDuncan

I decided to to update my main blog for 2012 by changing a few things about it.  I've got a new background, an updated title, a new banner, changed my profile picture and even created a blog button to be grabbed.  A good start to a new and wonderful year!

New Look for my main blog -
  I originally had an extend title on the banner that was EKDuncan - My Fanciful Art Quest.
Now the new banner title is EKDuncan "My Fanciful Muse"

So, why the change?
 I decided that going forward I wanted these two blogs to tie in better and thought this would 
be the best way to do it since this sister blog is
This way the sister blog name plays a prominent role on the banner of my main blog too. 

I've not posted a lot in the past here, to this blog;
so my hope is that going forward I will use it more.

For example on my main blog I've been posting a series of Regency era pieces
tied to the 1809-1828 publication Ackermann's Repository.
I've been posting images from those publications for the past 6 months.
I never expected to spend so much time on that series but it has become a labor of love.

 I did not want to break the rhythm of the sequence of those posts so on occasion
I placed a few non-sequential or non-Ackermann projects here to this sister blog.

Yesterday I decided to let the two sites become more strongly linked together
- so we'll just see how it all goes.

I like the new changes I've made and I hope you guys do too.
 These are the new digital designs I created for the main blog 

New blog Banner with updated title - EKDuncan "My Fanciful Muse" instead of the old EKDuncan - My Fanciful Art Quest
I think this is a big improvement over the old banner - see HERE at the bottom of the post.
I could not resist adding a few more Ackermann images to the mix.

New blog button for
My first ever blog button creation.

My closing tag line to every EKDuncan post is "Grins and Giggles"
I even created a new graphic to close all my posts with.

All the images used to create the above items are from
Ackermann's Repository a 200 year old Regency Publication from England.

These are the individual images I used.

The Fashion Ladies of Ackermann Repository

Ackermann's printed 2 fashion plates in each of it's monthly issues from 1809-1828.
There were hundreds of hand-colored plates in the 20 years of publication.
Many of my favorites were Ball, Evening, Court and Traveling Dresses.

  I took several of my favorite Regency fashion plates and created png images
so they could easily be used in digital art creations.
These were the just three I used for this project.

The 1809 Gentleman and the Lady at the Mirror from my blog background can also be found
in the below zip file with the 41 png Regency Fashion Plates from Ackermann's repository.
I've created 41 of them into an easy to download zip file
that can be found on my deviantART account HERE

 To see more posts about Ackermann Repository Fashions
from 1809-1828 click HERE or see the below links.

All the Ackermann Repository Fashion plates for the 20 years
of publication can be found on the below links.

I created 1 post for each years fashions and then
I created some fun artwork using a variety of Ackermann images.
I hope you enjoy them.

 Ackermann's ran series 1 from 1809 - 1815
(this is a fun digital art piece I did using many of the above ladies)

Ackermann's ran series 2 from 1816 - 1822
(this is a fun digital art piece I did using several Ackermann's Repository images from 
series 2 and one fun lion man from J.J. Grandville, who was another Regency period illustrator.)

Ackermann's ran series 3 from 1823 - 1828
Ghost Ladies of the Regency
(A whimsical piece of artwork I created using several Ackermann's Repository images.)

Here are several links to EKDuncan digital scenes
I created using Ackermann Repository images.

Waiting for Midnight
Happy Christmas
Beautiful Day for a Walk
Regency Ladies with a Gothic View
Regency Ladies with a Curtain View
Regency Beauties - Set the Stage
Ladies in a Midnight Garden
Regency Ghost Scene

The Curtain
Ackermann's Repository posted a nice selection of curtains as part of its ongoing furniture series.

This is the version I used on my new blog banner for EKDuncan.blogspot
 To see all the amazing curtains from Ackermann's Repository - click HERE
My png versions of these Regency curtains can be found on my deviantART account  - HERE

The Landscapes

 There were many series in the pages of Ackermann's that included scenery;
some of my favorites were the "Garden" series & the "Country Seat" series.

I used this as a backdrop in my new blog banner - I reduced the opacity to make it more transparent.

I used this "Country Seat" on the left side of my blog background - behind the seated gentleman

I used this as a backdrop to my ending Grins and Giggles signature and
the un-altered version of the same image was used on the background for my blog
- behind the lady at the mirror.
This is actually my version of a digital scrapbooking background page.
I created a whole series of them - HERE

 Other "Garden" landscapes can be seen - HERE
Landscapes of "Country Estates" can be seen - HERE

I started posting images from Ackermann's Repository at the end of June 2011.
My first post was a deck of Regency Era Playing Cards  - click HERE to see the post.
And I've been posting Ackermann Repository images and articles for over 6 month
with several more posts to go before I'm done.
I'm currently posting Furniture Plates with the first of 3 in the series - HERE

I hope you will check some of these link out.
The images are beautiful and I've also included some of the original articles
and descriptions so you truly get the fell of what it was like to read a period Regency magazine.

Now that I've got my main blog looking nice and pretty for 2012;
 My next project is to do the same her on this sister blog site.

Might prove quite interesting.

Till next time.